by Kim Marlotte, Numerologist



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Numerology is the art and science of understanding the spiritual significance and orderly progression of all manifestation. Every word or name vibrates to a number and every number has a vibration and a distinct energy pattern.

Your birthday and birth name have meaning. Your life is made up of numbers which tell the story of the journey of your life.

Thus, it doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that human life has an intimate connection with numbers, for they are the very essence of life’s expression.

As such, understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a GPS helps us to navigate a route we have not yet traveled.



There are 4 main numbers referred to as the Core Numbers; The Life Path Number, The Destiny Number, The Personality Number, and the Soul Number

Each of the core numbers offers different pieces of vital information that can help you understand your path, why things unfold in specific ways, and which path is most beneficial for you.


THE LIFE PATH NUMBER aka The Life Lesson Number
Your Life Path number is the first and most significant number. It can tell you which direction your life is meant to go.  Both opportunities and challenges are influenced by this number and it is the main theme of your entire life.

Your Destiny number is about your strengths and weaknesses and corresponds to the core characteristic of your being that you were born with and have been expressing since day one. It also explains your own potential and what can motivate you to reach it.

THE PERSONALITY NUMBER Your personality number represents how you show yourself to the world and what first impression others may have of you.

THE SOUL NUMBER Your soul expression number is what your soul truly wants from this incarnation. Anything you do is subconsciously influenced by this number. It can explain your choices in life and your habits. 




Like all stories, each of us has our own story with a beginning, middle, and an end. Your story is told in 3 cycles, and each cycle governs a distinct period of time in your life. The first cycle governs your formative years, approximately the first 28 to 33 years. The second cycle governs your productive years, the middle years of your life (25 to 31 years), and third cycle governs the later years of your life.

Major cycles are like themes of your life. Within each theme there are Pinnacles and Challenges which show you how to get the most out of each cycle of your life. While the Pinnacles and Challenges have their own unique sub-themes, the Major Cycle’s theme encompasses the smaller themes of the Pinnacles & Challenges.

PINNACLES & cHALLENGES (Predictive Numerology)

Your Pinnacle numbers reveal your potential for achievement and success. You have 4 Pinnacle numbers, each representing a distinct period in your life that’s governed by a specific theme (number). This theme (number) tells you the attitude and effort needed during that time period to help you work out your destiny.

Pinnacles are the instructions on how to live with the least amount of resistance, helping you manifest your best possible outcome. Circumstances will present themselves that will force you to live up to the elements of your Pinnacle number.

The First Pinnacle represents the spring of life, a time of newness, and one of the longest periods which varies in length for each person.

The Second Pinnacle covers the summer of life. It’s a period of responsibility and family, and is 9 years in length.

The Third Pinnacle covers middle age and maturity, and is also nine years in length, a time of manifestation and reward.

The Fourth Pinnacle represents the winter of life, a time of aging and insight, of retirement and reflection, and spiritual wisdom. This is the harvest cycle and last at least 3 nine year cycles.

Challenge numbers are not meant to be overcome, but rather indicate what you must become. As in most challenging circumstances, we all would rather avoid the situation or resist what’s presented to us in the challenge. However, resisting won’t help, because this number demands that you pay attention and learn the lesson—even if you don’t want to.

Your 4 Challenge numbers go right along with your Pinnacle numbers, and cover the same years calculated for your Pinnacles.

The Challenge numbers in your chart outline for you what it is that you must face in order to reach the highest peak of your Pinnacle.


What can numerology do for you?

Not only does numerology tell us about ourselves, it gives us information about the people around us. Numerology can help us:

·   Understand transitions and changes.

·    Learn about the psychological conditions surrounding us.

·    Make sense of the cycles in our lives.

·    Identify our challenges.

·    Use our talents and gifts to our best advantage.