Often, people have a vision of what they want their life to be, but have no clue how to bring it to fruition. This is where life coaching comes in. Allow me to help you build self-confidence, set and reach goals, and change your quality of life by creating action steps and finding what motivates you. I can also help you navigate transitions more smoothly, discover your life purpose, or even help you to step outside of the dictates of societal (or others) expectations to help you keep moving forward and live your authentic life.

Your personal power and your success are in your own hands. Once you take ownership of your life,  together we direct your energy toward making decisions that give your life the desired outcome of your choosing.

Here's how it works. The first step is for you and I to meet, in person, to see if it is a good fit. This is the Discovery Session and is a complimentary 30 to 40 minute session. If we find this to be a good fit for you, we will discuss my fees and set up our first appointment. 

My fees include a 60 or 90 minute, one-on-one session every week, unlimited e-mail access and a 15 minute phone session once a week. I will provide you with the worksheets you will need, either in pdf form or hard copy, whichever you prefer. I will also provide you with a safe, supportive space where your feelings and emotions are held in strict confidence.

If you are struggling with confusion or feeling "stuck" then I may be just the coach you are looking for.

“Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.”
— Arthur Burt

Call now to book your complimentary, one-on-one discovery session.